Hackintosh 10.10.5 Yosemite

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Hackintosh 10.10.5 Yosemite
OS X 10.10.5 for your PC (Flash drive for installation) + MBR patch

OS X 10.10 – the new version of the operating system from Apple, named Yosemite (Yosemite). The operating system has seriously changed externally, and also received many new and very interesting features, many of which work in conjunction with iOS devices. New release, as was noted during the presentation that really brings even more mobile and desktop devices Apple, and also makes sharing even more convenient. In this article we are hot on the trail go over basic and most noticeable innovations OS X Yosemite.

Hackintosh – it does not build it any computer not manufactured by Apple, running OS X. the System can be “native shoplifting” (Retail), tied to a line of computers (disc included with the computer), the modified Assembly or image of the installed system mutatis mutandis. The fact it does not change, all the iron that is not made by Apple – “Hackintosh”. Better, worse, the same is immaterial.


The updated interface. The nightmare of all the iOS 7 haters came true – the new version of OS X Yosemite received a completely redesigned user interface that incorporates many features of the mobile operating system from Apple. Bright colors, universal total transparency and lightness are the main features of the new interface, which will probably be with us now more than one year. In OS X 10.10 fully updated usual Doc. He again became flat glass substrate, and located on top of the updated application icons. Redesign in this case touched absolutely all icons without exception. The new interface has reached every application has changed even the traditional buttons for close, minimize and resize the window. In more or less usual form is preserved only the menu bar, which had been transparent. OS X Yosemite is created with the vision to work with the content. And so as not to distract the user light has a switch on the dark colors of the interface, which is essentially “darken” the menu bar and window transparency. As in iOS 7 at the time, the new OS X has changed the font – now is Helvetica Neue. Of course, changed the look of each individual application, but that’s a topic for a separate article.

The new notification center and widgets. If we are in Cupertino decided on a total redesign of OS X, it was possible not to doubt that the notification Center will be as close to its analogue from iOS 7. And so it went. Dark and transparent – this is the new notification Center in Yosemite. In addition, it now also accommodates the weather forecast and the day’s events on the tab “Today”. The second tab called “Notifications” and is intended for relevant content. However, innovations in this component do not end. Moreover, they only begin. Now in OS X (in secret – and in iOS 8, too) appeared widgets. Visual weather forecast, world clock, various reminders, and even a calculator – everything you could desire is now on hand in the notification Center. This probably means the end of the Dashboard, but with this organization, good riddance. In other words, the notification Center in OS X 10.10 now it will be much more involved in the life of a computer user than its predecessor.

The new Spotlight search. A special place among the features of the new Apple OS X quite reasonably takes the Spotlight search, which from a modest spot in the upper right corner of the screen turned into a serious working tool. Now tap on the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar causes the search string directly in the center of the screen. Enter a keyword or a query and the result literally grows out of this line – so does the new Spotlight externally. However, in reality it is a full tool to access the search within the computer or on the Network. Wikipedia, news, places, movies and much more you can now search directly from Spotlight, not looking in the browser. In the search, you can still search for contacts, letters, phrases in documents and even solve simple arithmetic problems. All this about a new Spotlight.

A new level of interaction between OS X and iOS. Many owners of Macs often complained about the need to follow their iPhone, when I received a call to respond to it. With OS X Yosemite this is no longer necessary. Now the call, answer calls and write text messages directly from your computer. It works very simply and elegantly in the spirit of Apple. When the computer and the smartphone are connected to the same network, and on the iPhone there is an incoming call, you can reply with poppy, accepting or declining the call to the notification in the corner of the screen. Ibid demonstrates all the necessary information about the contact. But Yosemite can not only receive calls, and perform. Any room: from the address book or encountered on the web site on the Network – just click on it and choose call. The Mac will connect via iPhone. The same with messages. If earlier it was possible to communicate only with users iMessage, now to write and receive text messages in the good old Messages app. This level of interaction would have been impossible without the emergence of new possibilities for the organization of the access point. No longer need to enable tethering on the iPhone, and then search for the network computer. The system will do it for you. In the absence of nearby Wi-Fi network your Mac and iPhone teamed up independently, with the smartphone kindly open the computer to access the world wide web. This function is called Instant Hotspot.

Handoff and advanced AirDrop. Only the lazy did not scold Apple for the inability to transfer files between OS X and iOS through AirDrop, which is present in both systems. This was in the past. Now you can freely share files between supported formats devices. Relatively free transfer of files and came to the Mac. Handoff is a development of AirDrop and allows you to continue on the same device action is initiated by another device. For example, you are typing an email on your iPhone. At the same time on a computer running OS X Yosemite appears your action to enable it to continue its already on the computer. Similarly, Handoff and works within other apps that are available for OS X and iOS. Instantly to continue working on the document on the tablet? Earlier for this it was necessary to save it to iCloud and then open them in an application on the iPad. Now this is done in a single tap or click, depending on how and where you are migrating the work.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite contains many other interesting features:

updated Safari and iMessage, iCloud Drive and Mail client with support for Mail Drop and even straight from Photos app iOS.

System requirements:

  • Windows
  • Intel Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 8 GB HDD
Version: 14F27
Developer: Apple Inc.
Platform: Intel only
System requirements: Intel CPU, 2Gb ram, compatible video card.
the author of the Assembly: Archi_
Size: 5.95 GB

Download Hackintosh 10.10.5 Yosemite



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