BetterSnapTool 1.6

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BetterSnapTool 1.6

Utilities to manage Windows desktop can be of good service to the owners of Macs with the small screen size. They allow you to quickly place the application in such a way that the latter do not interfere with each other and used the maximum possible space. The tool combines all the features SizeUp! and Cinch.

Immediately after starting the program you will be able to attach the Windows 7 and different positions: right, left and above, and additionally the edges of the screen.

When you run the program, its icon is placed in the upper menu, where the basic settings. For undemanding user are all set.

For experienced users there and a huge number of settings. So, for example, is very conveniently implemented keyboard shortcuts for Windows. You can set hot keys on the scan window at any available position. Press the combination of the two buttons and the window turned around on the desktop.

In addition, in the settings there is the ability to specify actions that will be executed when you press the right mouse button on the icon close. So, you can set the action when right clicking on the icon “more” will center the window in the middle of the desktop.

There are a lot of different settings, in addition to those already described, but this is,I think, quite finicky. For comfortable operation ideal and standard, and for those who only recently joined the world of Mac OS X — and to be missed fully.


Version: BetterSnapTool 1.6
Developer: Andreas Hegenberg
System requirements: OS X 10.6 or newer
Language: English
Tablet: Not required
Size: 1.56 MB

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