Yoink 3.0.5

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Yoink 3.0.5

Yoink is an intermediary that allows you to easily access files. After the application is installed to the left of the screen there is a panel Yoink. Now if you want to move a file from one table in the window open on another, you can simply drag it to the panel Yoink. Accordingly, on turning to another desktop, just drag the file from the panel. This is the main and only function of the application. Adding or removing files from the panel Yoink is drag-n-drop. Also supported by QuickLook.

To work with the program must be via shortcuts, default F5. By pressing at a specified location (specified in settings) will appear iOS-like panel where you can drag and drop files, and later return to them without having to navigate between desktops or applications in fullscreen. Simply hold down F5 to appear panel Yoink, dragged there the necessary files and everything. If necessary, on another desktop or fullscreen mode again, press F5 and drag the files into the program!

The list of files to Yoink you can manage, delete individual items. Also available analogue QuickLook preview file.

Developer: Eternal Storms Software

System requirements: OS X 10.7.3 or later,

interface Language: English and German

Treatment: is not required


Yoink 3.0.5 (3.21 MB):


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