Hands Off! 2.3.5

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Hands Off! 2.3.5

Hands Off! 2.3.5 – firewall for Mac OS X

This functional and easy to use tool for OS X platform can be used to monitor the activity of applications that can connect to the Internet. Thanks To Hands Off! the user is able to timely detect signs of malicious or potentially harmful activity, to eliminate the possibility of leakage of confidential data and to prevent the penetration of malicious programs on personal computer.

A list of the key features of the app includes the ability to block outgoing and incoming connections at the level of individual applications, ban items cookies, as well as managing operations for reading and writing files. The last of these features is one of the most requested features Hands Off!. For example, in order to avoid damage or loss of critical information, you can ban a particular program to make changes to the data on the hard disk. Hands Off! keeps users abreast of developments and reports on the violations identified through the detailed notification and also allows for the creation of global rules applicable to all users of the system.

Version: Hands Off! 2.3.5
Developer: One Periodic Inc.
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer
Language interface: English
Tablet: not required (the installer is already treated)
Size: 9.26 MB

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