Tower 2.2.1

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Tower 2.2.1

2.2.1 Tower is a powerful Git client for Mac

Today, the version control system play a very important role in software development. One such system is Git, originally developed by Linus Torvalds in 2005, to date, had won great popularity among developers. Now Git use such well-known projects such as the Linux kernel, Perl, Debian, JQuery, and Ruby On Rails.

With the release of the Tower, users have a powerful, desktop Git client for the Mac that makes using Git easy and more efficient. Its elegant and intuitive interface, and powerful feature set allows users to fully exploit the full potential of Git. If you’re a beginner or an expert, the Tower is a useful and powerful application for all.

Features Tower 2

Manage repositories

Tower will help you keep track of your stores. You can group them in folders, view as there are local changes, or if you are out of synchronization with the remote repositories.

commit History

Tower offers two different ways to view the commit history: “Recent Commits” — a brief overview of the latest activities in the repository “Lists” — the classic table view: just select a commit from the list to see all important information. Integrated diff allows you to quickly understand what has changed.


Type “Status” will quickly show you which files you changed and how you modified them. Use the unique Git the concept of the “Staging Area” to select what should go in the commit, and what not. With Tower you can easily restore previous versions of files, and solve any merge conflicts.

a History of file changes

Selecting “Browse” you can view the files and their contents. Select the file and click “File History” to view the change history of the selected file, or use the form of “Blame” to view line-by-line changes to the file.

Working with branches, tags and remote repositories

Branching is an important feature of Git. Therefore, to work with branches in Tower is very easy — just use the drag and drop! Whether you want to merge two branches, retrieve data from remote repositories or create a new branch based on an existing.

Support git-svn

In Tower features built-in support for git-svn, which provides easy interaction with subversion repositories.

the Sub-modules (Submodules)

Tower has built-in support submodules. Submodules allow you to host a Git repository as a subdirectory of your repository.

Integration with external services and tools

Tower works great with the most popular services for developers. Storage can be directly created and cloned at the leading Git hosting — GitHub, Bitbucket, and Beanstalk.

Also Tower allows you to use external applications (Kaleidoscope, TextMate, BBEdit, and many others) for comparing files, viewing and merging.

Developer: Fournova Software GmbH

Language: English

System requirements: OS X 10.8 or later

Treatment: is not required (the installer is already treated)


Tower 2.2.1 (17.75 MB):

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