Money Pro 1.1

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Money Pro 1.1

Money Pro is the one program for keeping a budget, tracking transactions and reminders about upcoming payments. Easy sync (iPhone, iPad, Mac). Money Pro works great for keeping home budget and financial planning for small business.


  • Mark the days on the calendar when you will need anything to pay.
  • Schedule recurring payments.


  • take a quick glance at bills due.
  • When you have a transaction, approve it quickly.
  • Money Pro predicts transactions that you have planned manually, helping to avoid missing important payments and speed up the data entry.

Reminders for upcoming payments

  • quick planning will help to postpone the date of the scheduled payment in one click (tomorrow, 3 days, next week).


  • Create budgets for your income/expenses and set limits for each budget.
  • For each period you can specify your budget limits; it is convenient, especially if you plan to cut spending in a certain category from month to month.
  • Start adding operations (transactions) and follow budget for each category, as well as the progress of the overall budget.

Transfer of remaining budget

  • You may include the rollover budget for the next period, so that savings in one period increased the available limit in the next period.

Accounting transactions

  • All your accounts in one place (Bank account, savings, credit card, etc.).
  • History of changes in the balance on the account.
  • Allowing detailed accounting of operations on information such as: payee, description, check#, class (personal/business).
  • Attach photos.

account Reconciliation

  • You can enable reconciliation of accounts, allowing you to put an extra tick to confirm transactions.

Downloads transactions from the Bank

  • import history of your transactions and keep your accounts up to date (supported files: .ofx).
  • Money Pro learns from those operations, for which you independently specify categories of expenses and income, and automatically sets the category when uploading files.

Split of transactions across multiple objects of expenditure

  • You can split one payment into several categories of expenses.

Calculator and currency Converter

  • Make the necessary calculations and currency conversion directly in the program.


  • Search transactions by amount, category, description, payee, etc.

Detailed reports

  • Income/Expense
  • Cash flow
  • Transactions
  • Asset/Liabilities (net equity)
  • Projected balances
  • the Trend of expenditure and income by days/months/years

Many options to tune the program to fit your needs

  • Choose the right frequency for the budgets and recurring payments.
  • Adjust the structure of categories and subcategories of income/expense for your needs.
  • Use any of the 1400 built-in icons for accounts and categories.
  • Create your own unique icons using photos.


  • Money Pro uses iCloud to sync data between your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac).

more profiles

  • You can create multiple profiles on one device and to keep separate accounts for household budgets and for business.


  • Print and export to pdf, qif, csv
  • password Protection
  • Backup your data
  • the Possibility of accounting in different currencies with automatic update of exchange rates



Version: Money Pro 1.1
Developer: iBear LLC
System requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
interface Language: Russian, English, Spanish, etc.
Tablet: Not required
Size: 19.02 MB

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