Mailplane 3.5

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Mailplane 3.5

Mailplane is an email client designed specifically for GMail fans. We can say that Mailplane takes an intermediate position between the web interface and an offline client. In essence, you are still working with GMail through its user interface.

Everything that makes Mailplane, so it adds a bit of “desktopmode”:

  • Support for multiple accounts. You can quickly switch between multiple GMail accounts and Google Apps
  • You can customize the interface. As with almost any program, here you can drag buttons to the toolbar by customizing to fit your tastes.
  • Easy to send attachments. You can add an attachment by dragging the file with the mouse, which does not allow any browser.
  • using Mailplane easier to send photos, since there built-in support for iPhoto.
  • Processing of mailto — no matter which program you clicked on the email-link, to create a form letter will open Mailplane. As far as I know, this is a unique feature, in the case of browsers, the GMail otkroetsya window click on email link placed only on a web page.
  • notification about new messages. A pop-up window, the number of unread messages displayed in the dock and in the menubar.
  • Support shortcuts, which is not in the
  • Support hot keys. However GMail also has a set of hotkeys.



Version: 3.5 Mailplane
Developer: uncomplex gmbh
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
interface Language: English, German , French and Japanese
Tablet: is Present
Size: is at 34.96 MB

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