Living Earth Desktop 1.22

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Living Earth Desktop 1.22

Radiantlabs is the best and most beautiful world clock and weather software for your Mac! Award-winning app for iPhone and IPad now available for Mac. C a single click in the menu bar will be available to all countries and weather for millions of cities around the world. This all happens in real time. Global cloud cover, live Wallpaper and screensaver transforms your desktop into space.


  • World clock and weather with a single click in the menu bar or customizable shortcut from anywhere in Your Mac.
  • “Live clouds” on the basis of satellite data in near real time. Updated every 3 hours. Watch the cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.
  • Live maps of temperature, humidity, winds, and weather forecasts. Take a look at our planet in a new way!
  • World time and weather for millions of cities around the world, with forecasts for 7 days and 2 hours.
  • Watch the borders of sunrises and sunsets around the world in real time. Watch how the boundaries of day and night move across the globe within a day.
  • Times of sunrise and sunset for each city.
  • photo-Realistic model of the atmosphere based on Rayleigh scattering.
  • Observe the changing seasons throughout the year. You will see snow and ice cover, as well as other seasonal changes on our globe.
  • three-Dimensional simulation in high resolution. Optimized for Retina display
  • “Live Wallpaper” for the desktop and screen saver. Updates continuously while You work.
Version: 1.22, Living Earth Desktop
Developer: Radiantlabs, LLC
System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later
Language: English
Tablet: Not required
Size: 87.92 MB

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