Resolume Arena 4.2.1 for Mac

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Resolume Arena 4.2.1 for Mac

Resolume Arena for Mac OS – the switcher and powerful tool for live audio visual-performance real-time transforms one of the most popular mixers for PC and Mac into a media server. In Resolume Arena has all the features Avenue, but all this added possibility of a media server, soft smoothing, screen calibration, receiving DMX signal and SMPTE-timecode. This is the most powerful software solution from Resolume to date.

The principle of the program is very simple. Using the keyboard, you trigger and mix video and add various effects to it, which allows in real time to improvise with video next. The main window of the interface contains a palette of 20 cells (channels) into which you can load media files. Activating any of the channels — you start to play the video contained in it, in the active layer. The files are loaded into the channels by dragging from the browser Resolume in the channels palette. Each channel is activated either by clicking on it with the mouse or by pressing the corresponding hot key, which is displayed in the upper left corner of each cell.


Version: Resolume Arena 4.2.1 for Mac
Developer: resolume
System requirements: OS X 10.6 or later
interface Language: English, Russian, and Other languages…
Size: 547.65 MB

Download Resolume Arena 4.2.1 for Mac

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