Freeway Pro 7.1.1

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Freeway Pro 7.1.1

Freeway Pro for Mac OS is a visual editor for Web pages that allows users to create websites without writing code, making this the perfect tool for designers and experienced users, not for programmers. It uses the model view in the style of desktop publishing, creating the whole site in one document.

Freeway (original Uniqorn) comes in two flavors, Freeway Pro and Freeway Express. Freeway Pro can be used to create CSS layouts using absolute positioning. In the advanced version, for example, connecting to a MySQL database using a scripting language such as PHP, is using a plugin called “Actions”. Some Actions can be downloaded for free on several websites, but there are commercial, such as 3rd Party Actions.


Version: Freeway Pro 7.1.1
Developer: Softpress Systems
System requirements: OS X 10.6.8 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: English
Tablet: Serial number (Block access)
Size: 46.53 MB

Download Freeway Pro 7.1.1

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