Dropzone 3.5.4

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Dropzone 3.5.4

Every Mac user, especially one who came from the PC platform, not only feel the difference in speed of work but also enjoying how beautiful, reliable and convenient new system. Despite the fact that Mac OS X deserves the highest praise, even in this OS there are certain things, i.e. any software operation that I would like to do it automatically. This program will help Dropzone.

What does it offer developers Dropzone average Mac user? First, it decreases the time to perform trivial tasks that each of us performs several times a day, and secondly, it is the ability to configure additional actions that can be automated with the help of this application.

For example, the creation of the draft with a file to send by post with Dropzone takes about two seconds, and now just try to take and do the same thing without it. You feel the difference?

Perform all the actions happens is very simple: just take the file and drag-and-drop to bring to the right (or left, depending on your settings) of the screen, then instantly open the menu Dropzone, in the style of several icons, each responsible for a certain action. Once you “throw” file in one of these Windows, instantly run the required script. For example, thanks to Dropzone sharing files using DropBox has become incredibly simple.


Probably easier to say what it can not this combine. In it, by default, included such key functions as:

  • launch application (if you do not want to have a Dock icon, but often use)
  • install applications (the program will open a file *.dmg and install the app into the Applications folder;
  • share photos on Flickr (give the right access to Flickr and send);
  • sending files to an FTP server (really comfortable without an FTP client to upload files to your hosting);
  • preservation of texts in the cloud (service pastie.org but I don’t work out);
  • copy / move files on disk (the most popular folders is always at hand)
  • backup and send files by mail(the file is Packed in *.zip and attached to a new email in Mail.app.
Version: Dropzone 3.5.4
Developer: Aptonic Limited
System requirements: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 18.2 MB

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