SimCity: Complete Edition for Mac

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SimCity: Complete Edition for Mac

Discover the newest version of SimCity − the greatest city-simulator of all times and peoples! This complete edition includes an extended version of the base game, the addition SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow (“city of the future”), as well as the modules “amusement Park”, “Airships”, “French city”, “English town” and “German city”.

Create the city you desire and make the choices that will determine his fate and the fate of its inhabitants. Develop industry and consumer society and your economy will thrive – though at the expense of the health of people in contaminated areas. Implement green technology and improve your Sims ‘ lives by raising taxes and risking unemployment. The choice is yours!

Features SimCity: Complete Edition:

  • Play offline or online-the choice is yours. Play anytime, anywhere.
  • Depth of simulation: unprecedented depth of simulation, where everything you see is simulated even down to each individual in your city.
  • Choose a specialization for the soul: transform your city into a casino resort, manufacturing centre, a Paradise for tourists, mega Corporation, promoting consumption, green utopia, or something entirely different. Then watch as your city begins to change and take a unique look.
  • Build up pack down your city and grow up, building the multi-zone megabase where your citizens can live, work and play, not even touching the ground.
  • Scale of multigrado: You can control not only one, but 16 cities at once and track population, income, education and level of happiness throughout the region.
  • SimCity Full set: includes the expanded core game, the addition of the “SimCity: cities of tomorrow”, and five digital content sets.

publication date: OS X Native game

game Version: 1.0

Release: 22.01.2015

Developer: Aspyr Media (iDP)

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later

Genre: Simulators

Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Treatment: not required

SimCity: Complete Edition for Mac (4.14 GB):

Download SimCity: Complete Edition for Mac

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