Raven’s Cry for Mac (2015)

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Raven's Cry for Mac (2015)

Raven’s Cry is an action-adventure about a truly ruthless and bloodthirsty pirates, where you have to participate in brutal melee combat and battles using various historical weapons, explore different locations, and also to make moral decisions that will affect the story.

The end From the 17th century. A young Scottish boy, Christopher and his family, trying to escape from hunger, get on a ship bound for the New world. Near Jamaica he is being attacked by ruthless pirates, and Christopher is the only survivor. The story begins with the moment when the grown-up Christopher goes in search of those who so cruelly killed his family.


  • Beautiful cinematic cut scenes carrying the grim adventures of Christopher’s life.
  • Open world of the Caribbean features a robust core storyline and dozens of side quests and secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • Countless activities ranging from smuggling and treasure hunting, to bounty hunting.
  • Your decisions affect the development of the plot and characters, creating a unique gaming experience.
  • Psychological elements based on the player’s actions influence the fighting styles and habits of your enemies.
  • Challenging and unique branch of character development, influencing land travel and sea.
  • Extensive economic system; knowing where sell coffee, chocolate, marijuana, and other materials will give you more profit.

publication date: OS X Native game

game Version: 1.0

Release: on 30 Jan, 2015

Developer: Reality Pump

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.7 +

Genre: Adventure games, Role-playing

Language: English, German

Treatment: not required


Raven’s Cry for Mac (15.23 GB):

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