Torchlight II v. (2015)

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Torchlight II v. (2015)

Torchlight II is a computer game in the genre of Action/RPG, published on 20 September 2012[2], developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World. Is a sequel Torchlight 2009.

A few years later the Alchemist becomes obsessed with the dangers emanating from the magical mineral — ember (Ember), and what is best Plague (Ember Blight), which it invokes, and which also was sick himself a former protagonist. He steals the Heart Ortaca, destroys Torchlight, killing Forces (Syl — one of the main characters of the first part, helping in the fight against Ortaca) and drew the Destroyer in flight. Traveling the world, he begins to hunt the Elemental Guardians (Elemental Guardians) — powerful beings that control the balance of the six elements, the power which can be absorbed by Heart, and used for the destruction of all in the world of ember.

Now new heroes have to go the way of destruction, which the Alchemist left behind, and deal with the chaos caused by his actions.

publication date: OS X Native game

Release: 2015

Supported OS: 10.8+

Genre: PRG, Adventure

Developer: Runic Games

Language: Russian, English, German, French, etc.

Treatment: not required


Torchlight II v. for Mac (1.44 GB):

Download Torchlight II v. (2015)

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