Flexiglass 1.5.6

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Flexiglass 1.5.6

Among the countless apps that just have a window on the screen, Flexiglass stands out in that it offers a really convenient way to manage Windows: move, resize, maximize, and close.

On the Mac, if you want to move the window or resize it, you you have to drag with the mouse to the title bar or lower-right corner respectively. Flexiglass offers you a much more convenient way of managing Windows: you can now change the position or size of the window, enough so that the mouse cursor was over it. Simply press the button on your keyboard and drag the window left or right mouse buttons. If in a particular application, you will it interfere with — you can always add him to the list of exceptions.


  • Multitouch trackpad and mouse

    To move and resize you can use gestures on your trackpad MacBook or Magic trackpad. Flexiglass separately stores the settings for your trackpad or mouse, and automatically change them when you connect or disconnect the device.

  • Easy deployment of Windows

    If you are used to work with several Windows simultaneously, Flexiglass will help you to position them on the screen as you please. Now to expand the window to half the screen, just drag it to the left or right edges of the screen top, and it will expand to fill the full screen.

  • Maximize the window by double-clicking

    Perhaps the most convenient way to expand the window to full screen — to do this double click the mouse on the window title. Now it works!

  • Real Zoom &Real Close

    Now standard button control box, it will be easier: right-click the mouse on the green button expands the window to full screen, and right click on the red — to close the application instead of closing only one window.

  • shortcuts to expand

    Changing shortcut keys allow you to instantly arrange Windows right in the middle of the screen, or maximize to full screen.

Developer: Nulana LTD

Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 and newer version

Tablet: is not required

Flexiglass 1.5.6 (5.03 MB):

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