Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire (2015)

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Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire (2015)

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire tells the story of the outcome of the War – a bloody conflict between the Guild and the Royal Empire: the population of the Earth is in a state of protracted large-scale war. You are invited to take the presidency of one of the parties to the conflict and lead troops to victory in the format large-scale turn-based strategy, taking over the management of a huge army consisting of infantry, tanks and military armored vehicles.

The game contains a unique instruction set for fights at a fast pace, variables, activation, reminiscent of chess, customizable armies, and simple deep tactics/strategy.

publication date: OS X Native game

game Version: 1.0

Release: on 30 Jan, 2015

Developer: Membraine Studios

Supported OS: Mac OS X V10. 6 or more late version

Genre: Indie, Strategy

Language: English

Treatment: not required



Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire for Mac (737.84 MB):

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