PhotoSweeper X 2.2.0

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PhotoSweeper X 2.2.0

PhotoSweeper – program search and management of duplicates. To start working with this program for Mac you just need to specify where it should search. The beauty of PhotoSweeper that it has six unique algorithms for searching for duplicates, the search is performed regardless of the format and resolution of pictures. Ie if one photo you have in RAW format and full resolution, and a copy in jpeg and optimized for the web, then do not worry, PhotoSweeper will find her.

As you can see in the screenshots, you can specify not only a variety of file formats, but also to establish additional search criteria, i.e. allow the program to search for file duplicates with greater or lesser percentage of matches, to consider or to ignore the color space that can be taken in varying degrees into account changes color when editing (until complete discoloration), and of course take into account the different metadata snapshot.

This approach is useful when it is assumed that you know where the original and want to find all the copies that have been processed. Several zagrublyat criteria it is possible to force the program to find even those copies that have passed all filters photoshop and a snack were converted to Grayscale…

Once the program has detected all the duplicate files not only can you remove them, especially because often this is not required, but rather competently manage versions.

In the settings listed just a couple of paragraphs, so that set up in fact nothing special. You can allow or forbid her to find duplicate files in RAW format and enable search inside packages.

What we liked in PhotoSweeper is the visibility of the work and presentation of results. Everything is clear and, most importantly, beautiful. To understand the software no experience. Therefore, if you love photography, sooner or later, PhotoSweeper will be useful to you!


Version: PhotoSweeper X 2.2.0
Developer: Developer: SelenaSoft, Inc
System requirements: OS X 10.9 or later
Language: English
Size: 23.49 MB

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