Alarm Clock Pro for Mac 10.1.9

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Alarm Clock Pro for Mac 10.1.9

Alarm Clock Pro app is a fully functional alarm clock and scheduler, которsq can cheer you on, during the day, different messages on the screen, pronouncing them or sending them as SMS to your phone.

In addition, there is a list important reminders, greeting cards, all kinds of timers and much much more, which together with a simple and intuitive interface, offers quite an interesting solution.


  • Sending text messages on mobile phone
  • Playing audio and video files
  • cycle playback, crossfade and auto-stop media playback
  • Change the playback volume of the media files
  • Open documents and applications
  • Open web sites
  • Send emails with additional attachment
  • Starting and stopping screen saver
  • capture screen
  • Executing any shell commands
  • Display on the screen or the pronunciation of any text
  • Auto-Wake-up schedule
  • Start the computer and shutting it down
  • Increasing the volume of the system
  • And much, much more.
Version: Alarm Clock Pro for Mac 10.1.9
Developer: Koingo Software
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
Language: English
Size: 23.04 MB

Download Alarm Clock Pro for Mac 10.1.9

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