Pomodoro Timer 1.5

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Xpressive 1.2.9
Xpressive allows you to quickly and easily create web content.

Xpressive contains many intuitive editing features HTML5 and CSS3. Editing, customizing and saving code is available directly in the view web content. Your ideas will become reality as soon as you think about them.

In the past, it was necessary several times to stop the encoding process to preview your changes. It was an endless cycle of rebuilding. Wield and use Xpressive with “live” design. Also, for debugging , you must use the preview in browser or in the Toolkit of coding. Endlessly had to reload the page and rewrite the code every time to detect error or incompleteness of the project. If your experience in coding is not high enough, then such processes can seem very stressful and time-consuming to achieve the expected result.


In Xpressive, there is the possibility of visual editing, creating, convenience preview final replay code web content in the application itself.

This function directly connects the user code and web content that will achieve remarkable results much faster.

In the end, the designers and developers of the web interface when working in an environment Xpressive can count on no stressful situations that have a positive impact on task, productive and low cost at the time of programming.

Developer: ©Modulay Inc.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

Language: English only

the ever increasing price: Not required


Xpressive 1.2.9 (23.57 MB):

Download Pomodoro Timer 1.5

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