SmartAlbums 2.0.7

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SmartAlbums 2.0.7
Albums: easy now!

SmartAlbums is a revolutionary software that will allow create photo albums fast and fun! Easy to install, saving time and creativity! Experiment with design, mix and post pictures … Use ready-made templates, or use the opportunity to create your own. SmartAlbums established photographers and graphic designers using innovative technology that is very easy to use.

Quick installation

  • No need to know specialized printing terminology.
  • Select a printing company, album, size, and SmartAlbums will configure the rest.

Save time

  • there is no medium More for designing and searching of templates.
  • Simply select the image and you will immediately see a future design for your album.

Be creative

  • With dynamic design of the album to experiment quickly and easily.
  • Change the distribution structure, add and delete images, and instantly switch the pictures.
Version: SmartAlbums 2.0.7
Developer: PIXELLU
System requirements: OS X 10.8 or newer
Language: English
Tablet: patch Special [K]
Size: 78.23 MB

Download SmartAlbums 2.0.7

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