Amarra Symphony 3.0.3 – quality audio player for Mac OS

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Amarra Symphony 3.0.3

Amarra, from Sonic Studio, is a quality computer music player for the most demanding music lovers who love a deep and natural analog sound.Developed using the same technology that is used today by record companies worldwide for producing CDS, DVD and Blu-ray.

Amarra is praised by audiophiles all over the world for free like analog smoothness and liquidity from a digital source. In the program has really decent set of tools can work with iTunes and reads all common formats.


Features of Amarra player:

  • Supports sample rates up to 384 kHz
  • Automatic adjustment of the sampling frequency
  • Processing of audio data double precision
  • RAM cache to disk
  • Native FLAC playback and conversion
  • Advanced 4 band equalizer
  • Advanced 64-bit Converter
  • Convert FLAC to AIFF
  • Elevated background Manager user interface
  • Improved high-resolution Sonic EQ: saves and remembers your favorite settings
  • Automatic hardware sample rate based on the used sample rate
  • adjusting the audio level of an automated processing of the dither
  • Master playlist with startup of consecutive tracks from ITunes
  • Enhanced integration with Sonic equipment, including:
  • Improved support for non-Latin character sets and extended file names
  • Support NoNOISE ™ plug — in for broadband noise reduction
  • plays CD’s through Amarra using Mac as a transport
  • Works with all Core audio interfaces

Developer: Sonic Studio

Language: English and German

System requirements: OS X 10.5.8 or later

Treatment: is present (replacing files)


Amarra Symphony 3.0.3 (70.82 MB):

Download Amarra Symphony 3.0.3 – quality audio player for Mac OS

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