Beautune 1.0.5

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Beautune 1.0.5

Beautune is a program designed to process digital images. Using the application, users can easily add graphic files necessary qualities and properties. In addition, the app has additional tools for editing images.


  • This application is capable of producing digital image retouching, this is particularly useful when processing the received digital photos. This property will be useful to professional photographers, as a change in color saturation and light photography, hide certain defects of the person depicted in the picture is one of the most important tasks when creating high-quality digital photos.
  • the app has a rich Arsenal of various effects that can be applied by users to any digital images. This allows you to add the picture to your unique and original content. Among these effects include: the creation of fog or placement of additional image elements, and many other original modifications of the picture.
  • Note the wide possibilities of the program Beautune for the modification of the persons depicted in the photographs. There is a lot of specific tools, with which you can, say, produce a modification of the mouth, or modification of the eyes of the person depicted in the photograph. It’s also one of those opportunities program Beautune, which indicates the status of the application, intended primarily for professional photographers.
  • as for the interface Beautune, he has incredible friendliness towards users, most of the settings app is intuitive and does not cause labor to master.
Version: Beautune 1.0.5
Developer: Everimaging
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later
Language: English
Tablet: Not required
Size: 28.32 MB

Download Beautune 1.0.5

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