Fresh 2.6.0

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Fresh 2.6.0

Fresh it is something like an information Board that displays all that you have worked on recently. It is available even from fullscreen applications.

There are two main areas in the program Fresh.

Top panel Fresh Files displays a preview of all the files you’ve recently worked with: documents, screenshots, download, etc.

the bottom panel of The Cooler — selected data. There you can put drag-n-drop, all that you may need in the near future: the files, folders and even entire drives.

Still Fresh is able to tag information. Tagging helps to combine the files that are physically located in different folders or even drives.

Also Fresh allows you to search for files using Spotlight

Developer: Ironic Software

Platform: Apple Mac with Intel processor

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.8+

Language: English

Tablet: is Present


Fresh 2.6.0 (1.5 MB):

to Download the program Fresh 2.6.0

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