eXtra Voice Recorder 3.1

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eXtra Voice Recorder 3.1

Of course, each of us at least once in his life faced with a situation when you need to record any information, and pen and paper at hand. What can we say about the students who dream to sleep on a pair, or about young journalists, often forgetting their recording devices at home. Modern gadgets have long learned to solve this problem. After all practically in any, even a simple phone that has voice notes. But users are not very fond of stock imposed sentence. And in the twenty-first century want something more advanced that will allow not only to record, but will give the opportunity to record a phone conversation, set a timer recording or save the resulting file in a convenient format. To solve these problems meant new application-eXtra voice recorder Voice Recorder.

eXtra Voice Recorder is a very simple and pleasant interface. All the main buttons such as start and pause recording, displayed on the main screen, so there is no problem with using the voice recorder. The developers have created an app version for iPhone, iPad and Mac and added his support for the Dropbox cloud service, making made on any gadget audio transparently synchronized between all devices. The application is quite impressive capabilities. The main feature of this recorder is the ability of the organization and mounting of recorded material. The notes can provide photos, tags, comments. Unnecessary parts of an audio recording can be cut directly in the program. The content can be passed not only via cloud services, but also via AirDrop, iMessage, email and iTunes

Developer: Xwavesoft

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later,

Language: English, French, German, etc.

Tablet: Not required


eXtra Voice Recorder 3.1 (3.88 MB):

Download eXtra Voice Recorder 3.1

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