Temperature Gauge Pro 2.8.0

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Temperature Gauge Pro 2.8.0

Control fan speed, temperature control and find faulty sensors in your Mac. Temperature Gauge Pro is the utility for every Mac user.

Temperature Gauge Pro will also show a notification through the notification center or will be reported at a high temperature, when enabled Auto Boost. In addition, the log will show all the information to a CSV file for graphing.

The app works on all Macs, whether it be a laptop or desktop computer.

Temperature Gauge Pro contains three main functions:

  • Check on your Mac by viewing the current and maximum recorded temperatures for every sensor. Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • set the fan speed, so that your Mac can work with manual fan control .
  • to Detect faulty fans and temperature sensors with built-in diagnostics.
Version: Temperature Gauge Pro 2.8.0
Developer: Tunabelly Software
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
Language: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 5.7

Download Temperature Gauge Pro 2.8.0

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