LRTimelapse Pro 4.2

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LRTimelapse Pro 4.2

LRTimelapse — the program is designed exclusively for professionals and advanced photo enthusiasts. Its functions include the processing of interval shooting (timelapse, time lapse shooting). The main feature of the program, this is an automatic setting options: exposure, contrast, etc etc, for each file, photo image, multiple key frames.

Timelapse – timelapse – photographs time itself. The events that typically take weeks, months or even years, are compressed to a few minutes and become “concentrated” video. You have probably seen clips showing at an accelerated pace of urban life, the movement of water and clouds, the changing of the seasons or the life cycle of a plant. The enchanting beauty of these videos is directly proportional to the efforts expended and patience required for timelapse. The basic principle is that the images sequentially captured by the camera after a period of time, are stitched into the video. A great way to visualize the changes that occur with the selected object for a long period.

Key features

  • Works directly with RAW files, writes all changes to XMP metafile.
  • Works in conjunction with Adobe LightRoom, it allows on-the-fly to modify any the parameters of any frames.
  • Works with keyframes, which allows any effects that change with the time:
  • smooth transition of day to night and Vice versa; smooth panning and zooming; fade in or
  • the weakening of any parameters (saturation, contrast, etc., etc.)
  • Animation gradient and radial filters.
  • Automatically removes flicker to compensate for strong throws brightness.
Version: LRTimelapse Pro 4.2
Developer: Gunther Wegner
Language interface: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 156.4 MB

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