Default Folder X 4.7.3

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Default Folder X 4.7.3

Default Folder X – Extends the functionality of the Windows open/save, attaching to it an additional panel. Floor panel provides quick access to different folders (favorites, recently used, etc.), teams (management of files and folders in the window) and settings. In addition, it is worth noting the ability to quickly preview media files directly in the window.

If you often work with files, then sooner or later you get tired when you open, save “rummaged” in which the directories in the dialog boxes, searching for the desired folder. Sorry Mac OS is often, by default, offers absolutely the wrong folder we need, and if the required directory is not stored on the system partition, but still not in the primary directory or a network directory…

After the installation program is recorded in “System settings” and integrated into the dialog box Cocoa applications. If you then try to open/save, you will find drastic changes in the appearance of dialog boxes.

Additional menu in a couple of clicks to navigate to the desired folder, add a comment/tags to the file, rename, delete, create archives, change permissions, view properties, and much more — complete control over the files, without resorting to using the Finder. The most important is probably the ability that choose the folder for your application.

Now you can tell the app what folder will open by default, change the folder will not be difficult, it is in the settings.

There is an opportunity for folders favorites to assign shortcuts, other than that the app is able to differentiate between the open Finder window under “layers” of active applications, and clicking on it to automatically substitute the installation directory dialog box.

In the settings there is the option of disabling work Default Folder X for certain programs, as well as, you can choose one of three available design options.


Version: Default Folder X 4.7.3
Developer: St. Clair Software
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer
interface Language: English, French, German, Italian, etc.
Tablet: keygen-licensors CORE
Size: 11.53 MB

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