Cornerstone 2.7.16

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Cornerstone 2.7.16

Cornerstone is a great Subversion client. The ability to filter by status, name or author means that you will never forget about local and remote changes. The creation of new repositories or connect to existing. The organisation of repositories in the source list. A group of related repositories in folders. An overview of content store in the browser. Filter content by age and lock status. Last modification are marked for easy identification. Viewing contents of files in a special program to view the files. Option-drag to create tags and branches. Passwords are stored securely in your keychain. Syntax highlighting for many languages including C / C + +, CSS, HTML, javascript, Obj-C / C + +, Python, Ruby and more.

Most image formats supported including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PSD. Commit. Commit changes to folder properties without including nested files. Compare files without leaving commit view. Auto-completion of file names in the message field. Externals editor. Shows the running operation. Cancel long operations such as import, export, check outs, updates and fixed. Organization working copies in source list. Group relevant working copies in folders. To add existing working copies by dragging from Finder. Changing summary, top folder status and active in the source list. The local display and (optionally) the status of the file transfer. Quick Look work files. Powerful filtering by modification and lock status, as well as by file name. To configure the app to open files with by type and by file. A powerful set of filters. Displays history as list of revisions.

Developer: zenna-ware

Platform: Intel only

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.7

Language: English only

the ever increasing price: Not required

Cornerstone 2.7.16 (12.41 MB):

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