Vitamin-R 2.23

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Vitamin-R 2.23

Vitamin-R is a set of tools and methods aimed at improving the productivity of creative professionals, by maintaining attention on a task and maintain motivation.

This works as follows: the project is divided into several tasks, the implementation of which will be from 10 to 30 minutes. During this period, the program supports your attention on a specific goal through audio messages about the remaining time and visually by using the countdown in the menu bar. During task execution, it can be put on pause, if for example you received an important call.

In addition to performing the tasks or their chains, the user is provided with mechanisms for proper breaks (periods) and ways to improve health in poor concentration. For this Vitamin-R built a special tool is able to eliminate distractions, before you start, you will be prompted to “turn off” apps can distract from the task, such as iCQ or Jabber clients, Skype, or worse twitter.

Thus, Vitamin-R allows you to quickly involved in the work, overcoming the initial reluctance of the body to start to be active, and creates a positive attitude to achieve small goals, stimulating the implementation of new and the project as a whole. This arrangement reduces the stress caused by looming deadlines and a lack of clear focus in the work.

When the task completes, the user is prompted to make a little analysis of work performed, to highlight those points that you need to pay attention the next time. All this is done in a few words, as text lists and should really be helpful when working on complex projects.

In addition to the General organization of the work, the program contains a record of the tasks that have already been made. This gives the opportunity to evaluate the work done, highlight positive and negative trends, pick the appropriate mode of operation over the project.

The application is able to join the work already started on projects, there is no need to reorganize all the activities around Vitamin-R, to spend a lot of time and effort to transfer the necessary information. Direct integration with the most popular solutions to do both Things and OmniFocus will protect the user from unnecessary anxiety.

Developer: Frank Reiff

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later,

Language: English

the ever increasing price: is Not required


Vitamin-R 2.23 (9.63 MB):

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