Marked 2.4.11

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Marked 2.4.11

Marked 2 is a program that is fully focused on the verification of marking of texts and provide in-depth statistics. Marked designed for viewing text files (Markdown, Fountain, CriticMarkup, etc.) in a preset or custom CSS theme. You write an article and immediately see how it will look on your website.

The nice thing is that Marked completely depends on the editor and will handle any text files that you drag its icon.

For those who write a book or something big in the editor Scrivener, Marked, too, would be very welcome. He “understands” the Scrivener projects and beautifully displays all the chapters in one document. If you are working in another editor, the table of contents for multi-page documents can be done manually. To do this, create a file with links to all pages on a template <<folder/file name. This trick will help to export a multipage document into a single HTML or PDF file.

The application can be considered quite a large number of indicators. For example, we can obtain the estimated time of reading. In short, the writer will be where to turn. About your text, you can learn a lot of information, sometimes even that which did not expect to see.

In Marked 2 had some interesting features and bug fixes:

  • the engine is rewritten from scratch and kind of moving faster. The difference should feel those who work with multi-page documents, for example with the book.
  • support for MarsEdit and VoodooPad
  • support for MultiMarkdown 4.2 and Fountain (the markup for writers)
  • support preview from the buffer measurement (click on the box Marked ShiftCmdV)
  • checking all references
  • has an automated tracking of the specified folder (drag it on the icon), Marked automatically displays in its window last changed document.
  • export results to DOC, DOCX, ODT and RTFD

Automatic folder monitoring was a very sensible feature. If you have Alfred, then try my workflow for working with Marked. Team md will open the last document in the folder you specified (correct my path), md nathanielgodbolt opens the file with the specified name.

This killer-feature — display repetitions in the text. Someone call the repeats phrases, but someone a tautology. Me enough to do minor SEO and cleaned the text from the “bad” words.

Replays, it’s great, but more interesting highlighting of words and phrases from your own base. Say, you too often use of the word “may”, “easier”, “if”. Pierce them in the settings and will highlight the Marked their entry.

In the box Marked, there is also a special form where you can specify the list of arbitrary words. There is convenient to introduce the key phrases you want to optimize the text.

Developer: Brett Terpstra

Language: English

System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later

Tablet: is not required


Marked 2.4.11 (15.48 MB):

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