Hear 1.2.3

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Hear 1.2.3

Software DSP, operating at the system level. This means that the Hear process the sound, which generates nearly any Mac application players, games, sound editors, browsers, etc.

Another advanced sound for the weak acoustics with a stunning number of settings.

Hear still does not support devices with USB and FireWireinterfaces.

Basic settings (General)

  • Super Bass enhances low and mid frequencies, squeezing out the headphones or speakers all that they can of their speakers.
  • DeWoofer eliminates the growl in the midrange, which improves the sound on office “Squeaker”, built-in Mackie speakers and in budget headphones.
  • Ambience is responsible for sound, saturating him with a slight reverb effect.
  • Fidelity needed to bring in additional high frequency harmonics that, in the first place, to fix the defects sound for audio files with high compression sound.
  • Volume (dB), as the name implies, sets the overall output level of the sound.
  • FX Chain specifies the processing order of sound one of the three main effects Hear.

advanced settings

  • 3D Surround effect three-dimensional “surrounded” sound (3D tab).
  • Extended Space — the effect of “spatial” sound, which emulates the sound reflections from surfaces behind the listener.
  • Extended FX — according to the developers themselves, a more aggressive type of treatment “surrounded” sound that especially good for closely spaced columns.
  • Extended Fidelity — advanced audio processing for the detection of nuances, damaged during compression of audio data.
  • Ambience — finer tuning spatial reverb, which in General is set above the slider in General settings.
  • Contour Maximizer — amplifier of audio frequencies, which allows you to smoothly raise the sound level on that portion of the range, where natural sounding acoustics sags.
  • Virtual Subwoofer — additional custom bass two stereo speakers, as if they worked together with a real subwoofer; in some cases, allows you to squeeze out of acoustics is very soft, but powerful bass.
  • Compressor / Limiter — setting audio compression, that is, the difference between the quietest and the loudest sounds; in other words the smoothing volume.
  • Equalizer — of course, includes built-in equalizer Hear.
  • FAT — giving the overall sound more clear sound; to some extent this switch emulates a tube amp.

Developer: JoeSoft

System requirements: Mac OS 10.6.8 or later

Language: English only

the ever increasing price: is Present

Hear 1.2.3 (4.44 MB):


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