Code Snippet 1.0.2

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Code Snippet 1.0.2

Code Snippet is a full – featured organizer of code snippets with syntax highlighting.

Snippet (eng. snippet is a fragment, fragment) in the practice of programming — a small piece of source code or text, suitable for re-use.

Code Snippet has a powerful built-in code editor, which can recognize 120 different languages and syntax.

Here is the full list:

abap, actionscript, ada, apache_conf, applescript, asciidoc, assembly_x86, autohotkey, batchfile, c_cpp, c9search, cirru, clojure, cobol, coffee, coldfusion, csharp, css, curly, d, dart, diff, django, dockerfile, dot, eiffel, ejs, elixir, elm, erlang, forth, ftl, gcode, gherkin, gitignore, glsl, golang, groovy, haml, handlebars, haskell, haxe, html_ruby, html, ini, io, jack, jade, java, javascript, json, jsoniq, jsp, jsx, julia, latex, less, liquid, lisp, livescript, logiql, lsl, lua, luapage, lucene, makefile, markdown, mask, matlab, mel, mushcode, mysql, nix, objectivec, ocaml, pascal, perl, pgsql, php, plain_text, powershell, praat, prolog, properties, protobuf, python, r, rdoc, rhtml, ruby, rust, sass, scad, scala, scheme, scss, sh, sjs, smarty, snippets, soy_template, space, sql, stylus, svg, tcl, tex, text, textile, toml, twig, typescript, vala, vbscript, velocity, verilog, vhdl, xml, xquery, yaml

For each of these languages, the editor shows you AutoCompletion and code suggestions, so you may even find the missing commas in your fragments. In addition, we included 32 different themes, so you can show off your fragments in your favorite colors.

Developer: Joocode di Flavio Copes

System requirements: OS X 10.9 or later,

Language: English and Italian

Tablet: not required


Code Snippet 1.0.2 (2.8 MB):

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