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CameraBag 2 Desktop is a graphical editor with an entirely new approach to photo processing. The program works on the Analog engine Engine and has a complete set of tools (25+) for the correction of digital photos with high quality, fully customizable filters (100+) to simulate different effects. In Arsenale program tools for photo editing, such as cropping, adjustment of many parameters on the curve, palettes, using convenient sliders, and lots of filters and different effects.

CameraBag 2 has a simple and intuitive interface where all the settings are in the working window, next to the preview window and, if desired, can be hidden. To view a photo and apply an effect to it, simply open the photo and hover your mouse on style or function you want to apply.

You will enjoy working with photos, as the program has the opportunity to review all possible options of the various options and styles in fullscreen mode. Clicking on a favorite option you will be able to manage almost all settings with a high level of detail complex effects, as with sliders and curves. Effects can be combined, modified and saved for reuse later.

There is a possibility of color correction curves for each of RGB colors, channel support 32-bit, multithreaded image processing, work with RAW files.

Import JPG, PNG, TIFF and most RAW formats.

In edit mode CameraBag uses additional RAW image data to export in JPG, PNG or TIFF.

After selecting the desired image itself starts the process of creating a candy from… photos. To the right of the source file there are two menus: General and specific filter. General allows you to select from any of the editing area will be added to the new filter. You can select Styles, Adjust, Borders, Favorites and Quicklooks. The first will be shown as overlay in the form of a filter on the photograph itself. The second paragraph will give the ability to change contrast, saturation, brightness, correct color balance and choose the style of darkening at the edges. In the submenu Borders the user is free to choose a border for the image. Well, in Favorites you can save your personal presets.

NeverCenter CameraBag Desktop 2.0.0

Hovering the cursor over one of the available items of the second menu, immediately opens the preview of the processed photos. If you want to see the result on the photo itself, you will have to click on favourite method changes. It is worth noting that with a simple click on another filter, the previous one disappears. To combine multiple items will have to use the plus sign to the right of the title. And when the time to choose each of uluchshalok no, a simple click on the Quicklook, the program will show a full screen preview of pictures processed by all methods individually.

All improvements are shown in the bottom void of the application window. Active is highlighted in orange, and all the others remain black. Each filter you can change the settings using the sliders. Usually two of them. The first (Amount) is responsible for the intensity variation of the image with this style, the second (Remix) will allow to change some parameters of the style, such as color balance or the radius of vignetting.

a Submenu item Adjust is divided into several parts:

  • Basics – conventional tools crop, change contrast, etc.
  • Light — setting lighting effects and changing levels of shadows, scales
  • Color — correctors color causing the screen palette and Kryvyi to specify the color tone;
  • Photographiс will help you choose a vignette, create noise or light rays on each side;
  • Utility — to set the size of the file.

If any previously applied filters in the later stages of editing will seem inappropriate or it will want to delete it entirely, then in the upper corners of each of the rectangles are called a cross and icon, which remove or shut down at one time or whole group settings.

10 points explore CameraBag 2

1. Drag the photo into the window CameraBag (or use File > Open / File> Open). To rotate the image use hot keys L and R. Use the left and right arrow keys to view other images in the same folder / directory.

2. Tab Styles / Styles. Hover the mouse pointer over the style name to see the preview. Viborita style and apply it to photography, this will show a slider style “Remix” for advanced settings.

3. The Adjust Tab. Here the “traditional” tools for photo editing: cropping photos, adjusting contrast, brightness , sharpness, chroma, saturation, as well as some new innovative: different curves for color correction. Tool Multi Tool for use with multiple adjustments at once. Adding vignettes.

4. Borders (borders) in CameraBag is a dynamic picture frames with the possibility of changing and adjusting the size.

5. In the collection of Favorites (favorites) — can be any series of styles, settings and framework, combined and your individual. To create a combination you like, click the “Add Current…” “Add current …” and save. You can save a couple of clicks the whole set of applied filters as a preset, or to see what combinations you have prepared the developers.

6. Tab Quicklooks will allow you to quickly preview and apply any effects from the selected group: Styles, Adjust, Borders, Favorites.

7. Bottom Tray is a button under the preview window, through which you can enable or disable one or the other effect, change settings, and change the order of effects and settings.

8. Buttons Undo / Redo always remember your actions and will help to move backward or forward in the made processes.

9. Button setup Customizeре to edit the workspace. In the lower left corner arrow icon to show or hide the buttons with effects.

10. Go back to the Styles tab. Click on the names of several styles, to the right you will see a + icon, clicking on which you can get a combination of these effects. Clicking on the keyboard, the + sign can have the effect.

Developer: Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

Language: English

Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Mac: OSX 10.6.6 or newer
  • 64-bit processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 70MB Hard Drive space


CameraBag (24.61 MB):

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