Locko 1.2.1

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Locko 1.2.1

Perhaps the main prerequisite of password strength is the presence of numbers, letters and symbols. However, to remember dozens of complicated combinations is difficult, and to use the same password on different websites is very dangerous.

In order to reliably protect their data at various online resources, Mac OS X users should think about using a Locko. Is a password Manager that allows you not only to store but also to create different strong passwords. Thus in order to use any of them, it is enough to remember only one is required to log into the database. There is also the option to save the password file on the computer or in the cloud, allowing access to it will be available in a user-friendly time.


  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • Configurable password generator
  • Logins, credit cards, Bank accounts, software licenses, and more …
  • file Storage
  • photo Album
  • Secure Notes
  • Login to web sites when you use the shortcut keys
  • Custom fields (text, password, date, safe text)
  • Search in all fields
  • Unlimited group item
  • browser Extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Log in to websites with one click
  • QuickLook encrypted documents
  • ICloud and Dropbox sync
  • Import from 1Password
  • Import from LastPass

Developer: BinaryNights LLC

System requirements: OS X 10.8 or later

Language: English, Hungarian and German

Tablet: not required

Locko 1.2.1 (11.5 MB):


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