Affinity Photo Beta

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Affinity Photo Beta

Affinity Photo — graphic editor, who plans to displace Photoshop and Pixelmator

British company Serif has decided that two key players in the market of graphic editors for Mac is not enough and has released a beta version of the application of Affinity Photo. It was already named a serious competitor to Photoshop, but it is hardly a beginner will be able to defeat the old market designer software. To amuse itself so presumptuous dreams would be so stupid as to try another text editor to drive Word from corporate Sereda. However, Affinity Photo still deserves attention, and its functionality is somewhere between Pixelmator and Photoshop.

Among its main advantages noted work with CMYK and LAB color space, full support for PSD, RAW processing, editing with 16 bits per channel, color management, ICC profile, zoom without loss of quality and support for 64-bit processors. In addition, the file format Affinity Photo will be compatible with the program vector illustration of Affinity Designer. The final version of Affinity Photo will appear in a few months and will be distributed exclusively through the Mac App Store.


As for basic functionality, users Affinity Photo will receive a sufficient number of professional tools for retouching and artistic editing, graphic design and drawing. The application allows you to work in RGB, CMYK and LAB, supports Raw and 16-bit editing, ICC profiles, import and export of files in PSD format, and in the future will support 64-bit plugins.

Popular tools are also in place:

  • history brush
  • mixing layers
  • library filters
  • dynamic lighting effects
  • change the geometry of the selected area
  • various blur
  • styling pictures and much more

There are even automation, where the user can record a popular procedure used to her quick play in the future. By and large, for many users, Affinity Photo can already become a Photoshop replacement, however, the possibility of application it is better to see with your own eyes. Even if they are not all limited to the format of the trailer of the new product.

The interface Affinity Photo is surprisingly good. Several years ago appearance Pixelmator attracted the attention of Mac users, and now the rookie is planning to repeat the success of its predecessor. What is important, without compromising functionality. Now the beta version of the graphical editor is superior to popular competing product, and with due diligence developers, at the time of release may not leave Pixelmator chance.

Developer: Serif (Europe) Ltd

Official website: link

System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later

Language: English

Treatment: not required


Affinity Photo Beta (158.86 MB):

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