1Password 5.3

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1Password 5.3

1Password is a program that really deserves your attention, as it is one of the best in its kind (if not the best), and indeed is almost indispensable in the computer industry.


  • password Synchronization using iCloud (thus, after the release of OS X 10.9 in your iCloud will store two copies of all passwords: one in Apple Keychain, one in 1Password. Reliability is doubled!
  • Quick access to selected records
  • Redesigned menu categories
  • Linked accounts (one login — multiple URLS)


Stay secure with 1Password

1Password not only keeps you secure with strong and unique passwords, it also increases your productivity.

  • Automatically log in to websites using your favorite browser.
  • Fill out the credit card and fill in the blanks for one-click login.
  • Get fast access to your data from anywhere using 1Password mini
  • Open websites and automatically place the data to login using bookmarks Go & Fill.

Protect more than just passwords

1Password allows you to store many kinds of information, not just logins websites. Keep all your important information in an easy to access form.

  • Store your credit cards, and confidential notes, passwords, Bank accounts and more.
  • Quickly remember security questions the security of websites and generate strong responses to them.
  • Securely protect documents and images.
  • You don’t have to leave important information leaving your home.

All logins on every device

1Password supports all your favorite devices. Keep your critical information with you wherever you went.

  • Support for iCloud combines secure synchronization with the simplicity of Apple solutions.
  • Dropbox Support provides cross-platform syncing and sharing.
  • Place the support for custom folders to synchronize computers with secrecy of your own network.

Securely share with family or team members

1Password allows you to organize your data into multiple vaults and securely share them. Use separate vaults to choose what and where you share it.

  • Share business logins with colleagues.
  • Create a Family safe for General data with your spouse.
  • Distribute encryption keys with your design team.
  • Exchange accounts and documents with your clients.

And much, much more

  • Full support for OS X Mountain Lion and readiness support for the following versions.
  • Tag is most often used objects as favorites.
  • Organize your data with folders and tags.
  • Powerful search and smart folders.
  • Functions for advanced users, including increased productivity.
  • No subscription fees or anything else.

Developer: © AgileBits Inc.

Platform: Apple Mac with Intel processor

System requirements: OS X 10.10 and above

Language: English, Russian, Other languages…

the ever increasing price: Not required


1Password 5.3 (29.82 MB):


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