Fidelia 1.5.3

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Fidelia 1.5.3

Fidelia 1.5.3 – player for high-quality sound

The main advantage of the program is amazing omnivorous, naturally a player.Fidelia in addition to standard mp3 without problems understand AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3, AAC, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. Additionally, there are the tracks of high-resolution, up to 192kHz and depth to 32-bit floating point. If the device output operates at a different frequency or bit-depth to join a powerful and well configurable algorithms of resampling and dither provided by the engine iZotope. Thanks to the customization options of these operations is possible, firstly, to achieve significantly better results than full-time transcoding from Apple, secondly, to adjust the sound to your own taste preferences.

To work with files from Fidelia a simple library: add files, sort, search and create a playlist- that’s all about its features. For those who don’t like the approach iTunes to catalog — this simplicity will taste. By the way, about iTunes — Fidelia can enable integration with it, and then in the library separately will be tracks from your library for quick access. In the settings you can enable the conversion of records into a single format when adding to library.

An interesting possibility Fidelia — connect plugins in AU format. You can connect up to three of these plugins and enable/disable them directly at the listening position. It is worth noting that OS X comes with several good plugins in the first place — EQ.

To emphasize the musical direction of the program, the developers have made its stylized front panel of some kind of amplifier or CD decks. In addition to the control buttons and the repeat/shuffle, there is a volume control, display the peak levels of the signal on both channels and displaying the waveform of the track. In addition, the player displays the format of the file, its size and frequency. Bottom right are two buttons that allow you to mute (20 dB) and just turn it off for a while. The size of this player, you can choose from four possible for different resolutions, and it also has a small space saving mini-mode, when the program is displayed as a rectangle with a screen and buttons.

Elegant design

  • Sleek, intuitive interface that complies with the requirements of Mac users.
  • volume control, decorated in a classic style, and the ability to mute the sound or even hide the volume in one click.
  • Information about each track, stereo levels and audio signals, display eye-pleasing way, without unnecessary circumcisions.

Supports iZotope

  • iZotope is the best in the industry 64-bit Converter the sampling rate used to achieve optimal accuracy of the sound.
  • Exquisite listeners can choose the dither MBIT+ from iZotope, which works in real time.

Max formats

  • Supports all popular formats: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, AAC, and CAF.
  • Supported sample rates up to 192 kHz and bit depth to 32 bit floating point.


  • Audio plug-ins Audio Units.
  • Customize up to three effects simultaneously.


  • Hog Mode – exclusive access to the audio device, wherein Fidelia DAC turns on the whole system and works with them directly, bypassing the mixer OS X.
  • FHX – adds the effect of crossfeed (intended for the correction of sound in the case of headphones).
  • Fine tuning of resampling and dither from iZotope that allows you to achieve the desired sound.

music Library

  • Direct access to your iTunes library.
  • the Ability to convert files in the preferred format when adding to library Fidelia.

Remote management

  • Beautiful the Fidelia remote control available in the iOS app store.

Developer: Audiofile Engineering, LLC

Language: English

System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later

Treatment: is not required

Fidelia 1.5.3 (21.24 MB):

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