CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6.0 Build 6318 for Mac

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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6.0 Build 6318 for Mac

CyberLink PhotoDirector 6 Ultra for Mac – new version of a set of tools for working with digital images. Digital camera owners will receive a powerful and easy to use means for the orderly storage of images, their careful handling and organizing shared access to content. Immediately after launch, When you will be able just a few taps on the download button in the app available digital images and begin editing. During the import process, users will be able to apply to your images ready special effects, add notes or rename files.

Version PhotoDirector 6 contains some interesting improvements. Users will be interested to know that the app starting with version 5 have learned to recognize and celebrate human faces in photographs. This useful function helps to organize the contents of vast photo archives, will simplify the sorting of images and will allow you to quickly find images depicting a specific person. Another significant innovation is the “smart” tools to remove unwanted objects. The program automatically removes unwanted elements of the composition and uses pieces of background to fill in the gaps.

A new utility called the Body Shaper will improve the quality of portraits by carefully changing the shape of hands, faces and bodies captured on photos of people. Recall that in previous versions of PhotoDirector there were many “cosmetic” tools designed to smooth skin, remove wrinkles and imperfections, whiten teeth and make eyes natural luster. With these, any user can easily turn an ordinary snapshot into a photo with the cover of a glossy magazine.

All changes you’ve made will be saved as new files, and the original images will remain untouched. Finally, the developers took care of the possibility of sharing content with friends and family. PhotoDirector will create quality slideshows and publish them on YouTube or convert it to a video file ready to be written to a DVD. You will also be able to print the edited photos.

CyberLink PhotoDirector has several advantages, such as:

  • Quick user-friendly interface;
  • a Wide range of modes preview photos
  • the Unique technology of preserving the original image, as well as a complete history of its changes with the possibility of returning to the previous steps
  • Built-in support for RAW format cameras, Canon and Nikon
  • the Ability to create their own profiles and download ready-made profiles created by other users from the resource
  • the Ability to publish photos to Facebook and Flickr
  • the Availability of tools to create stunning slideshows in HD quality up to 1080p, and functions download them on YouTube
  • 4K video Editing, creating slide shows: when running PhotoDirector 5 on a 64-bit Windows or Mac, you can create 2K ( 2048 x 1152 ) or 4K ( 4096 x 2304 ) video, slide shows
  • Create slideshows with transitions, motion effects, titles and background music
  • Printing high quality photos
  • Faster import and export photos

Developer: CyberLink Corp.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 and above

Language: English

Treatment: complete

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6.0 Build 6318 for Mac (462.4 MB):

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