Alfred Powepack 2.7.1

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Alfred Powepack 2.7.1

Launcher application for Mac OS X. It would be wrong to say that Alfred is only for running applications. Among its features include search applications (it’s obvious), panels of system preferences, Safari bookmarks, contacts, folders, and even scripts with ActionScript.

To call the window Alfred is very simple — the default is to use the Alt+Space (like Spotlight), then it is possible to write the name of the desired application, which will appear in the list. The utility allows you to quickly access other elements of the list using the combination Cmd+number.

The user can expand the search results using key modifiers: if you press Alt+Return, the request will be sent to search the web system, and shift Alt Control will allow you to search in Spotlight. In addition, the app can be used triggers — words, which allow Alfred to change his destiny. For example, to ask him to open a specific file you need to write open filename.the extension,

or force it to search for the word open should be replaced by find.

But that’s not all, the user is able to use other triggers to:

A web search on different sites — in Alfred, the developers have added not only preset values for different popular websites, but also the ability to add your own designs that you want to search and replace request to the phrase {query}; system commands like restart, shutdown, lock, start screensaver, empty the recycle bin and so on (if desired, the trigger for the team can be changed); to use the normal and advanced calculator (GCMathParser); to pronounce the word or find its definition in Dictionary. Additional options apps like appearance or experimental features are in the Settings window.

Developer: Running with Crayons

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6+

Language: English

Treatment: complete

Alfred Powepack 2.7.1 (5.32 MB):

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