010 Editor 6.0.2 – hex-editor

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010 Editor 6.0.2 - hex-editor

010 Editor is a professional HEX editor designed to edit any binary file, device, or process on your computer. Using the unique technology Binary Templates 010 Editor allows you to analyze binary file. To the characteristics editor is easy to use with a standard range of options such as: cut, copy and paste, support for large files and unlimited levels of undo and undo the last operation for all editing operations.


  • View and edit any binary files located on your hard drive and any size, also edit text files, C/C++ code etc.
  • the Unique technology binary templates allows the program to analyze any binary file
  • find and fix problems with hard drives, floppy drives, memory, flash drives, cd drives, etc.
  • Analyzing and editing of any binary file, using powerful search, replace, compare, checksum, etc.
  • Powerful scripting engine allows automation of many tasks
  • Import and export binary data in various formats

Developer: SweetScape Software

System requirements: OS X 10.5 and above

Language: English only

the ever increasing price: There

010 Editor 6.0.2 (13.71 MB):


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