PaintCode 2.3.1

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PaintCode 2.3.1

PaintCode is a great app for creating graphic elements in Photoshop . But in this case the program generates the image, but Core Graphics code.

Reasons to the uniqueness of this application are as follows:

  • Saves development time. If You have to write for Core Graphics code manually it would have taken a lot of time than if You decided to use PaintCode. And time is money!
  • Saving the size of the binary code. Creating views when you write code, You no longer need to include Your images in the library. This greatly reduces the size of the binary code.
  • Speaker. And finally, since the kind You create when you write code, You now have the opportunity to perform some funny moments ,for example, easily change color in different aspects within the program.

Advantage of app PaintCode is that it not only transforms in a vector drawing code, but is itself a fully featured application for creating vector images.


  • Retina Display Support
  • All the basic shapes: rectangles, rounded rectangles, ovals, polygons, stars, etc.
  • Logical operations
  • change the opacity, color, brightness, etc.
  • All derived colors are updated automatically when you change the basic colors
  • multiple gradients
  • Internal and exterior shading
  • Ability to adjust in any moment, any element
  • Maintains dynamic relationships between colors, gradients and shadows
  • Creating OS X and iOS code
  • Generated code is simple, easy to read Objective-C, using Quartz and Core Graphics APIs
  • syntax Highlighting

You no longer have to repeatedly recompile your app, for what would to look at bug fixes in the interface. PaintCode will help you focus all your efforts on the interface design, using beautiful buttons, checkboxes, sliders and other elements instantly making all the fixes in the generated code.

The graphical elements in applications sometimes are a headache for developers. If in order to write code for some simple graphic element, such as a circle, usually no problem, but with more complex graphics of icons and interface elements is not so simple. New app PaintCode will help the developer and converts the complex vector projects images into Objective C code that you can paste into XCode.

Mac and iOS developers regularly have to deal with the necessity of building apps for different screen resolutions. The idea is that you can do PNG files for each screen resolution, but it’s not the best option. The thing is that raster graphics unlike vector, will significantly increase the size of the application.

The advantage of vector graphics is that its weight is very small compared to PNG files, and it can be displayed on any screen without loss of quality because the image is not built of pixels, and of instruction about where should be located a certain object, and what should be the size.

Developer: PixelCut s.r.o

Language: English

System requirements: OS X 10.8 or later

Treatment: is not required


PaintCode 2.3.1 (4.46 MB):

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