Data Guardian 3.2.1

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Data Guardian 3.2.1

Security and privacy — this is one of the most critical issues in today’s world. It is a secure database using 448-bit Blowfish algorithm to encrypt and store your data, regardless of the level of their importance. In this app you can create multiple databases, using them for a wide range of tasks such as keeping an address book, customer database, create a shopping list, journal, password Manager and even as a Notepad for notes.

You can customize view options to see the information that you need, as well as add your own data fields. In addition, Data Guardian has a number of tools and features that greatly expand its functionality. With one mouse click you will be able to call phone numbers from your address book, create e-mail messages, generate secure passwords based on your chosen algorithm and even synchronize two databases.

Key features:

  • Create unlimited records, collections, and fields
  • Insert in recording images
  • Dial a phone number directly from the record
  • Import almost any text files
  • Export database to text files for use in other programs
  • Synchronize database
  • Automatic connection to server
  • Access to Data Guardian from within any application
  • Using 448-bit Blowfish algorithm to encrypt the data
  • Record application activity to a log file
  • Auto-clear clipboard after a specified interval
  • Dynamically generate passwords based on user-defined algorithm
  • Automatically save database
  • Printing of tables with information about the records in various formats
  • Powerful search function using regular expressions
  • Cross-platform compatibility databases
  • Automatically exiting the program in case of its inactivity for a certain time
Version: 3.2.1 Data Guardian
Developer: Koingo Software
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
Language: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 15.24 MB

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