Beyond Compare 4.0.7

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Beyond Compare 4.0.7

Beyond Compare is a powerful and one of the best programs for comparing files and folders.

This is the reality of digital files: they are accumulated. And users usually are saving the same files over and over again. So how do you know that two huge file really the same, before you remove one of them?

There is one tool that will help you eliminate duplicates, merge changes from multiple sources and to support directory synchronization. It’s Beyond Compare from Scooter Software Inc..

With it you can synchronize files, compare files, sites FTP, update websites, manage source code, find the differences between files and folders, compare text files, etc. Beyond Compare can store samples of the structure selected folders and at a specified time to compare them with those copies that are on disk. The program supports a large number of operations with files and folders, including scripts to automate tasks. Beyond Compare will help you to analyse in detail the differences and carefully to solve them. The program supports teams with a wide range of file and text operations, scripts to automate tasks.



  • Comparison of entire folders and drives
  • Comparison of text and binary files
  • Synchronize FTP-sites in just one click
  • Merging changes in text files
  • syntax Highlighting for various languages
  • Integration with initial controls
  • Convenient interface using tabs
  • Improved support for FTP
  • Integrated support for secure FTP protocols
  • Regulation settings folder compare
  • Several modes of comparison (comparison of folders, text, HEX, mp3, pictures, etc.)
  • Comparing text files
  • Compare folders, zip archives, ftp sites
  • Update website
  • Merge code changes
  • combine text from 3 sources
  • Comparison of independent changes with the main source to create new merged content
  • Integration with initial controls
  • adds commands for checking files in a SCC-compliant version control systems
  • Built-in SFTP support
  • Integrated support for secure FTP protocols (SFTP and FTP over SSL)
  • Replacing text
  • Regulation settings folder comparison. For example, you can compare .gif files in the same folder .png files in another folder of the same name
  • And much more
Version: Beyond Compare 4.0.7
Developer: Scooter Software, Inc.
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
interface Language: English, German and French
Tablet: is Present
Size: 16.32 MB



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