Gemini 1.5.10 – search for duplicate files

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Gemini 1.5.10

Gemini will quickly find and remove identical files on your Mac. Turn boring remove duplicates in the fun! The app works more than quickly, so the results will not keep itself waiting long. Upon completion of the ring will gladly be green and you will be prompted to switch to the scan results.

Gemini distributes the data by types, such as Music, Documents, Images. The results are shown both total and for each category separately. In addition, in the lower part you can view a pie chart with the results of the scan.


All files contain information about the number of found duplicates. Selecting any file, you can view the path to the file, date modified, and open it in the Finder. Undoubted advantage of Gemini is that for all files available quick view directly in the application. You can, for example, listen to the audio, to make sure that the file really need to be removed.

Gemini. Search and delete duplicate files has never been so exciting!

Functions that differentiate Gemini from peers:

  • Drag & Drop makes searching intuitive and fast
  • You can one-click to automatically detect the duplicates and delete them
  • Built-in preview, classifying duplicates will help define which files you do not need
  • Unique algorithms make scanning and removal is a surprisingly quick, leaving you more time for other tasks
  • Gemini guaranteed saves at least 1 copy of the duplicates, to avoid loss of valuable data

Easy and intuitive interface

  • Support for Retina screens
  • drag and drop
  • Pie chart for the categories of files
  • Spectacular siderophobia remove duplicates

Powerful search engine

  • Fast scanning algorithms
  • a Thorough comparison of files
  • same folder
  • Support for external and network drives

Intuitive operation

  • Option to select all duplicates with one button
  • scan Option in the context menu of the Finder
  • safety Check of the original files
  • Full preview files

Amazing flexibility

  • Wide mode
  • Move duplicates to Trash or delete them permanently
  • Editable exclusion lists for files, folders, and data types
  • a Limitation on the minimum size of the found duplicates
  • works Great on Lion and Mountain Lion



Version: 1.5.10 Gemini
Developer: MacPaw Inc
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
interface Language: Russian, English, German, French, Italian, etc.
Tablet: keygen CORE
Size: 16.49 MB

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