beaTunes 4.0.24 for Mac

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beaTunes for Mac 4.0.24

beaTunes analyzes your music, defining their pace and style. With it you can automatically create new playlists based on the received information. Download with the program and make cataloging your music collection.

Unfortunately, the program can not handle music tracks, are protected by means of digital copyright protection (DRM). With all the other files (eg copied from a CD-ROM) beaTunes permits to produce such action: automatically detect tempo track and store information about it in iTunes; sort the available playlists, ensuring the most euphonious transitions between songs, create playlists based on one or several compositions; browse your music library to find files that are compatible with the currently selected song; automatically determine the start and end of the composition, based on volume.


Version: 4.0.24 beaTunes for Mac
Developer: Tagtraum Industries
System requirements: OS X 10.7.3 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 146.13 MB

to Download the program 4.0.24 beaTunes for Mac

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