Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 for Mac

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC for Mac 2015

Adobe Dreamweaver is a new version of the application, intended for creating professional websites. Software for web design Adobe Dreamweaver CC contains an intuitive visual interface that allows you to create and edit web sites and mobile apps. Use the “rubber layouts” (Fluid Grid Layouts) with cross-platform support for creating web pages. Before publishing preview created layouts in panel a multi-screen view.


New features of Dreamweaver CC:


  • a Quick view of the item. at a high level visualization of markup using the new DOM Visualization tool. Easily make changes to your content structure at the expense of operations such as drag and drop, duplicate, delete, and select multiple elements.
  • the property Inspector is an interactive view. Select, change, and inspect the properties of any HTML elements in live view mode Live View. See the results without having to refresh content.
  • Online insert. Mode live view Live View you can use the Insert panel to add HTML elements and preview changes without switching to another view or pressing the refresh button.
  • Improved CSS designer. Generate code CSS, standards-compliant, using intuitive visual editing tools. Quickly apply text, layout, color and other CSS properties. Rate significantly improved usability, such as a new tool “the Border”, support the “Undo” command, as well as significant enhancements to workflows.
  • Manage sites — support for using certificates. Manage files from the site, while maintaining a high level of protection, using authentication certificate-based SFTP, which provides optimized access to multiple servers.
  • Help Center. This function will allow you to discover new features and effective workflows on first launch. It’s easy to skip, but due to the modular structure they can quickly return.

Among the best features include:

  • FTР. Download large files faster using the improved tool data FTР. Save time when transferring packages related files for publishing projects.
  • Rubber” layout. Create complex web publishing and layouts without having to write numerous lines of code. “Rubber” layout — a dynamic tool for creating projects that vary in accordance with screen sizes desktop computers and devices.
  • Integration with Adobe Business Catalyst. Use integrated palette Business Catalyst in software Dreamweaver to connect and edit websites created in Adobe Business Catalyst (sold separately). Create websites of electronic Commerce with a server-side solution.
  • Support for mobile environments jQuery Mobile. Add complex interactive elements using code hints jQuery. jQuery makes it easy to add interactive elements to web pages. Quickly create web sites using templates for mobile phones.
  • Support PhoneGap. Create and compose original application for Android™ and iOS with new functionality Adobe PhoneGap. Convert HTML in apps for mobile phones in Dreamweaver using the medium PhoneGap. Test layouts using the emulator included in the package.
  • CSS3 Transitions. Create animation when property values change CSS, using transitions, which allow you to create dynamic layouts. Use precise control over the development of web-projects when setting page elements and creating expressive effects.
  • live preview. Check the page before publishing using WebKit rendering engine with support for content HTML5. Create layouts that are displayed in the same quality in different browsers.
  • control Panel “Multiscreen viewing”. Create projects for smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs using the panel “Multi-screen viewing”. Use support media queries to create styles and visualization layout on different devices.
Version: Adobe Dreamweaver CC for Mac 2015 7698
Developer: Adobe Systems
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 +
interface Language: Russian, English, German, French, etc.
Size: 322.79 MB

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