4.0.4 Smart Scroll – smooth scrolling

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Smart Scroll 4.0.4

Smart Scroll – This small utility makes scrolling smoother, faster and comfortable.

Smart Scroll provides flexible options 4 types of scrolling (Super Scroll, Hover Scroll, Auto Scroll, Grab the Scroll), as well as the settings for the scroll keys. Works great with graphics tablets, mice, and trackpads

Smart Scroll allows you to fine-tune the scrolling mechanism on your Mac. With its help, the scrolling can even be used in those applications that originally do not support, and enable scrolling in the style of the Communicator iPhone. So, for example, Smart Scroll allows you to enable scrolling in iPhone style: in motion adds a certain inertial moment. It allows to achieve the effect of smooth deceleration of the window, as implemented on the Communicator iPhone and iPod touch. However, before using this feature on the Mac, and we recommend you to play with its settings as standard the settings is suitable not for everyone. Another interesting feature Smart Scroll, that appeared – it scrolls Hover Scroll. It allows you to navigate in a window even without clicking the mouse: simply move the mouse cursor to the left edge of the window and the traffic will automatically go in this direction. Other features: reverse motion, the hand tool for arbitrary move inside the window, setting scroll under different programs.


Version: 4.0.4 Smart Scroll
Developer: Marc Moini
System requirements: OS X 10.6 or later
Language: English
Tablet: not required/other (see installation)
Size: 1.62 MB

to Download the program Smart Scroll 4.0.4

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