Poedit Pro 1.7.6

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Poedit Pro 1.7.6

Poedit program to edit the localization directories, created by technology GNU gettext (*.po files).

If you are using this technology to translate to a new language must take the English term from the dictionary and put it into conformity with the term of the desired language. After matching set for all relevant terms, the resulting localization file should be placed in the program directory. These tasks and executes program Poedit.

A translator works with text phrase in the file *.po. To make the changes after you edit the translation entered into force, it must be compiled into the file .mo. Poedit program does this automatically.

In Poedit have spell checking, support for multiple forms, editing comments, line numbering and convenient search strings.

Technology GNU gettext is not used only when creating WordPress themes. The “correct” plug-ins are created (and therefore translated to several European languages) is also using this technology. In addition, most developers are using this technology for the localization of Unix programs, so if you do transfer SOFTWARE, Poedit will also be useful to you.

features of Poedit:

  • unlike other editors, Poedit shows data in very compact way.
  • Original phrases and their translations are sorted and highlighted in color so that you can easily edit large directories. I.e. You can immediately see which phrases have already been translated, what else do you need to translate, which translated automatically and now require Your moderation.
  • There is support for plural forms.
  • Informative text highlighting
  • is Not translated phrases and unconfirmed automatic translations are displayed at the top of the list.
  • Automatically compile mo file (optional) when saving po file.
  • Comments you can see what piece of code is found translated phrase.
  • Poedit has a function of source-code scanner to find strings, prepared for translation.
  • it is Possible to work in environments KDE and GNOME.
  • Support UTF-8. Poedit understands all encodings supported by operating system and works in Unicode internally.
  • translation Memory. Poedit selects from the knowledge base translation based on partial matching of the translated phrase. Poedit uses as a knowledge base all Your PO, MO and RPM files.
  • There is a directory search.
  • Ability to edit comments.
  • the catalog Manager.
  • full Unicode support under Unix with GTK+ 2.x.
  • spellchecking (GTK + 2.x).
Version: Poedit Pro 1.7.6
Developer: Václav Slavík
System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later
interface Language: Russian, English, etc.
Tablet: Not required
Size: 16.07 MB

Download Poedit Pro 1.7.6

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