Axure RP Pro for Mac

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Axure RP Pro for Mac

Axure RP Pro 7 for Mac – rapid prototyping for website applications, centered under the frame prototype web sites. The product is designed to reduce the costs of designing websites. This decision will help to quickly visually create a working prototype of the future site, then unload the prototype in html and view it through the browser.


The quality is quite acceptable for further tasking designers and programmers, as well as for understanding the customer final result. The program interface is similar to Microsoft Office 2003. “Blank” for creating web pages similar to the form in the resource-builders, similar to those used in Delphi. Design flow diagram similar to designing in Microsoft Visio. As a result of generation of the prototype turns static website is widely uses javascript. Quality documentation and training materials freely available on the manufacturer’s website. Axure RP Pro can be a very useful tool for the design of small but functionally rich projects and large projects at an early stage.


  • Simple usage.
  • Fast application changes.
  • Instant creation of functional prototypes.
  • Create interactive prototypes with annotations.
  • Manage versions.
  • Creating effective design.
  • Experimenting with your design to achieve maximum results.
  • automation specification to avoid tedious documentation.



Version: Axure RP Pro
Developer: Axure Software Solutions, Inc
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Language: English
Tablet: is Present
Size: 34.21 MB

Download Axure RP Pro for Mac

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